Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Once you get a diagnosis of diabetes, it is important to make sure you keep tabs on all aspects of your health and not just insulin and blood sugar levels. This November, TrustCare is participating in National Diabetes Month and our goal is to ensure that all of our patients understand the disease, what other complications can come along with it, and most importantly, how to keep your diabetes under control. One of the big discussion points this month will be diabetic heart disease (DHD), which is heart disease that occurs in patients with diabetes.

What Is DHD?

People with DHD are at a higher risk for a number of conditions that fall under the heart disease category. If you are diabetic, you’re at a higher risk to develop heart disease, it can come on at a younger age, and it can be more severe. DHD can include coronary heart disease, heart failure, or diabetic cardiomyopathy. People with diabetes are already at a higher risk than the general population when it comes to health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or being overweight. Those factors, in combination with diabetes itself, put patients at a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. The glucose levels in the blood, which are high in those with diabetes, can cause long term damage to your blood vessels and the nerves that control your heart. 

If I Have Diabetes, Is It Too Late For Me To Control My Risk?

It’s not too late to control your diabetes and work toward a better life. There are a number of risk factors for diabetes that are out of our hands, like family history, race, age and certain environmental factors, while other things are within your control. These other risk factors include lifestyle choices that are largely tied to diet and exercise. Diabetes is best controlled when you maintain daily physical activity while eating a healthy diet and keeping your weight under control as well.  

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to be proactive in taking care of your heart. For a complete heart screening and to discuss your risk of developing  diabetic heart disease, make an appointment with TrustCare Heart Clinic today!